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    organic linen

    How can linen help save the planet?

    How can linen help save the planet? Synthetic materials are present in many of our clothing but also in bed linen. Linen is a natural fiber which offers many benefits not only for daily use but also with respect to the environment. Linen, a durable fiber: The main concern found in the industry of clothes made of synthetic material is that it is not sustainable. Wash after wash it loses its color, the fibers become damaged and the tissue deteriorates which often implies to throw it. Linen is sustainable instead. It does not deform,  and becomes even over washing more and more beautiful. To opt for the linen bed and linen clothing, is also a sustainable choice avoiding throwing away tons of laundry...

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    How to maintain the linen’s quality?

    How to maintain the linen’s quality? Linen is a unique natural material that gives the clothes and bed linens an exceptional touch and quality. But if this material, used for the manufacture of clothing, accessories and bed linen have such benefits, it must be carefully maintained. Here are a few tips to maintain your confections in linen. Washing the linen: First, be aware that the linen can be washed without problem in a washing machine. But to not risk damaging it, take a few precautions to beginning by sorting it. It is preferred to wash parts of equivalent colors at the same time to avoid the risk of discoloration. Do not overload the washing machine and use a temperature not...

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